Our membership program grants dance-enthusiasts of all ages access to dance and voice classes. Now is the perfect time to express your creativity, step into your dreams of being a dancer, and get a lovely workout while you’re at it. You don’t need to worry if you’ve never taken a dance class before: your living room is the perfect place to start! Our instructors will be guiding you every step of the way.

Membership grants unlimited access to dance, voice classes, live classes and monthly zoom Q&A with Michael.  

* Classes and choreography will be added on a monthly basis

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Jazz Warm up and Combo with Michael in NYC


  • 2

    BALLET BARRE (2 different classes)

    • Ballet Barre Class 1 (explanations and exercises)

    • Ballet Barre Class 1 (exercises only)

    • Ballet Barre Class 2 (explanations and exercises)

    • Ballet Barre Class 2 (exercises only)

  • 3

    NEWEST Ballet with Michael (3rd class)

    • Full Ballet Class with Michael (Barre and Center)

  • 4

    Jazz with Michael and Friends I and II

    • Jazz Class 3 with Susan and Ingrid

    • Jazz with Friends 2 with Ingrid and Diane

    • Magic to do - explanation

  • 5

    Mini Ballet Class with Michael

    • Mini Ballet Class with Michael

  • 6

    Jazz with Jo Goodwin

    • Jazz with Jo - Something Better Than This

  • 7

    Ballet with Gregory Dominiak

    • Ballet with Gregory Dominiak from the Paris Opera Ballet

  • 8

    KINKY BOOTS (theatre dance) with Paul Canaan

    • Kinky Boots Class with Choreography

  • 9

    Theatre Dance with Diane Laurenson

    • Theatre Dance Class with Diane Laurenson

    • Diane's Choreography

    • Diane's Warmup without explanations

  • 10

    Ballet with Elizabeth Parkinson

    • Ballet with Elizabeth

  • 11

    Singing with Donna Reid

    • Singing with Donna Reid

  • 12

    JAZZ with Michael (2 different classes)

    • Broadway Jazz Class with Michael - Original Class (explanations and exercises)

    • Broadway Jazz Class with Michael - Original Class (exercises only)

    • Jazz Class with Michael - Beginner's Version (explanations and exercises)

    • Jazz Class with Michael - Beginner's Version (exercises only)

    • Jazz Stretches and Isolations with Michael (explanations and exercises)

    • Jazz Stretches with Michael (exercise only)

    • Jazz Isolations (exercise only)

  • 13

    Jazz with Brandon (with WICKED combination)

    • Jazz with Brandon Leffler - Complete Class Only - Warmup, Technique and Choreography

  • 14


    • NEW port de bras - explanations

    • NEW port de bras - exercise

    • explanation tendu weight change

    • tendu weight change

    • NEW - ballet choreography - explanation

    • NEW - ballet choreography 1

    • explanation tendu 5th

    • tendu 5th

    • explanation pique

    • pique

    • explanation pirouette

    • pirouette

    • reverence - bows

  • 15

    JAZZ CHOREOGRAPHY (3 different dances)

    • Ease On Down The Road - From The Wiz - Part 1

    • Ease On Down The Road - From The Wiz - Part 2

    • Fosse Style with Hat - Part 1

    • Fosse Style with Hat - Part 2

    • Fosse Style with Hat - Part 3

    • Hey Big Spender - From Sweet Charity - Part 1

    • Hey Big Spender - From Sweet Charity - Part 2

  • 16


    • day 1 - Ballet with Elizabeth

    • day 2 - Jazz with Michael

    • day 3 - Ballet with Michael

    • day 4 - Jazz with Brandon

    • Day 5- Yoga with Jarryd

    • YOU DID IT!

  • 17


    • Day 1 - Ballet with Gregory

    • Day 2 - Jazz with Diane

    • Day 3 - Mini Ballet

    • Day 4 - Joanna Class

    • Day 5 - Jazz with Michael and Friends

  • 18


    • Day 1 - Ballet with Michael

    • Day 2 - Jazz with Paul

    • Day 3 - Ballet with Michael

    • Day 4 - Isolations with Michael

    • Day 5 - Donna Singing

  • 19

    Yoga for Dancers with Jarryd

    • Yoga for Dancers with Jarryd

  • 20

    Salsa for Beginners with Esteban

    • Beginner Salsa with Esteban

  • 21


    • Welcome to THE ESSENTIALS

    • Demi-Plie

    • Jazz Plie - instruction

    • Jazz Plie Exercise

    • Releve - Instructions

    • Releve - Exercise

    • Jazz Releve - Instructions

    • Jazz Releve

    • Feet Strengthening

    • Tendu Balance - Instructions

    • Tendu Balance - Exercise

  • 22

    LIVE CLASS Tuesdays 18h Paris Time

    • REPLAY Live Class 19/1/21

    • REPLAY Live Class 26/1/21

    • REPLAY Live Class 2/2/21

    • REPLAY Live Class 9/2/21

  • 23


    • Replay of March 9th Class

  • 24

    TAP for beginners

    • Exercise 1 - Part 1

    • Exercise 1 - Part 2

    • Exercise 1 - Part 3

    • Exercise 1 - Part 4

    • Complete Exercise 1

    • exercise 2 - part 1

    • exercise 2 - part 2

    • exercise 2- part 3

    • Complete Exercise 2

    • Shuffle part 1

    • shuffles part 2

    • Shuffles part 3

    • Slap with a S part 1

  • 25



  • 26


    • Welcome to the Month of Miracles Challenge!

    • Day 1 - There can be no darkness where I provide light!

    • Day 2 - The Universe knows how to organize itself

    • Day 3 - Becoming who you really are!

    • REPLAY JAZZ Tuesday November 3

    • Day 4 - Miracles happen in the present

    • REPLAY SINGING Wednesday November 4

    • Day 5 - I accept myself!

    • REPLAY Ballet Thursday November 5

    • Day 6 - There is only one solution

    • Day 7 - Let's dedicate our day to all things good!

  • 27


    • Day 8 - Let's notice that there are miracles everywhere!

    • REPLAY Jazz Class Sunday November 8th 5PM Paris Time

    • Day 9 - SAY YES

    • DAY 10 - Like a Flower

    • REPLAY Fosse Class Tuesday November 10th

    • DAY 11 - Re-enchanting the world!

    • REPLAY Voice Lesson Wednesday November 11th

    • Day 12 - Getting and Giving

    • REPLAY Fosse Class Thursday November 12th

    • Day 13 - May I be a healing force

    • day 14 - You don't need to prove anything!!!!!

  • 28


    • Day 15 - Unlimited Knowing

    • RPLAY - Reclaim Class Sunday November 15

    • Day 16 - Allowing Miracles

    • Day 17 - Accept Your Potential

    • REPLAY - Jazz Class Tuesday November 17

    • Day 18 - Beauty all Around

    • REPLAY - Voice Lesson November 18

    • Day 19 - Let's make a stand

    • REPLAY Jazz Class - Thursday November 19th

    • Day 20 - Forgive

    • Day 21 - You are never forgotten

  • 29


    • Day 22 - Place Your Mind in Love

    • REPLAY - Placement Class November 22

    • Day 23 - Your Power!

    • Day 24 - I am not afraid

    • REPLAY - Jazz Class - November 24th

    • Day 25 - I can restart

    • REPLAY - Voice Lesson November 25th

    • Day 26 - I throw light onto my problems

    • REPLAY - Ballet Class November 26th

    • Day 27 - Have Faith

    • Day 28 - Follow the Path

    • Day 29 - Grow Wings

    • LIVE - Jazz Class - November 29th 5PM Paris Time

    • REPLAY - Jazz Class - November 29th

    • Day 30 - Review

  • 30



    • Transformation Tuesday

    • Live Q&A

How Does it Work?

Michael designed Bonjour Broadway for dancers everywhere. Whether you are a beginner to an aspiring professional. Michael and the Bonjour Instructors will guide you through the classes and help you advance.

  • Instant access to all on-demand classes

    You can pause, rewind and re-watch as much as you want.

  • Take classes in several styles

    jazz, theatre dance, ballet, yoga, salsa, tap and singing

  • Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home

    step-by-step you will advance


Michael Pereira

Michael spent 22 years as a working and teaching professional in New York City. Before moving to Paris, Michael performed all over the world. His 1st professional job was dancing in the acclaimed European production of West Side Story. His other credits include Anything Goes, Cabaret, A Christmas Carol, among others. He was thrilled to portray Patrick in Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens directed by Tony Nominee Bill Russell. Michael also worked closely with Tony Award Winner Ann Reinking in the workshop productions of Chicago for Broadway/Encores, Applause for Papermill Playhouse/National Tour and Bye, Bye Birdie for ABC-TV. As a teacher, Michael has taught at Marymount Manhattan College (Musical Theatre Program), The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (Intergrated Program), Ballet Hispanico, Dance Masters of America, Studio Harmonic(Paris), Madrid Dance Center (Madrid), Stage International de Danse (Liege), amoung many others.

Gregory Dominiak

Coryphée at the world famous Paris Opera Ballet. Gregory has danced the works of Ashton, Balanchine, Robbins, Lacotte, Petipa, Nureyev, Béjart, Neumeier and others.

Paul Canaan

Broadway: Kinky Boots (dance captain and original Angel), Miss Saigon, Thoroughly Modern Millie, La Cage Aux Folles, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Legally Blonde. Appeared as a judge on the MTV reality show Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods. He recently partnered with director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell to launch The Original Production Inc. A dance licensing company that offers high schools and theaters the opportunity to learn and perform original Broadway choreography.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in membership?

    By registering for Bonjour Broadway, full access to all our classes, so you can continue your dance journey. Your Bonjour Broadway subscription includes a library of every expanding on-demand classes beginner- intermediate taught by some of Broadway's best instructors – with new classes added every month. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to join us for LIVE events throughout the year included in the cost of your membership!

  • What does it cost?

    The monthly Bonjour Broadway Membership is just €14.95/month includes unlimited access all classes with new classes added every month.

  • How do I cancel?

    If you don’t want to continue your Bonjour Broadway Membership, you can cancel your Membership renewal at any time by going to the My Account tab on the top right side of the Home Page. Then to billing and there you have to option to cancel your membership.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Just send an email to Michael at contact@broadwayinparis.com

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Annie from Paris

Bonjour Broadway is where everything is possible. You can dance from your soul, sing from your soul, create a New future. Michael Pereira and the Broadway team he gathers, from America and the whole world, are a real treasure. I am grateful to them every Day.

Paula from Munich

When I started participating in Michael's Online Classes, I had no idea what wonderful and supportive community I would find myself in. Having the classes to come back to, the energy and support is such a beautiful experience. And as for the quality and variety of resources, I am just blown away. What Michael created is just extraordinary. I am so grateful to be a part of this and I would never miss all the times that Bonjour Broadway lifted my spirits and expanded my knowledge.

Teresa from Taiwan

Music, dancing, laughter and joy, Michael's classes have all the things needed to make you feel alive! Healing and energetic courses for jazz, ballet and more! Highly recommended.

Lorenza from Milano

Sono molto soddisfatta del corso online Bonjour Broadway. È molto completo, con esercizi di riscaldamento, lezioni di jazz, balletto, tip tap, coreografie, e tanti altri contenuti molto importanti e utili sia per la dimensione fisica che per quella mentale. Suggerisco il corso a chi vuole ballare, divertirsi; a chi vuole prendersi cura della propria forma fisica, migliorare la propria postura e liberarsi dalle tensioni; a chi vuole rilassarsi e stare meglio emotivamente. Michael, l'insegnante, è un professionista molto competente ed esperto, ed è una persona speciale che trasmette la sua magnanimità nel suo insegnamento. Tutto a Bonjour Broadway è magico.

Valentine from Paris

Michael's classes are absolute magic, and such a joy! His energy will bring a smile on everybody's face. All of his classes have a very solid warm up in ballet or Broadway Jazz, and then some exercises, or dance combination. I definitely recommend Michael's classes to anyone looking for some dance classes and a bit of sunshine!!

Maria from Argentina

Michael is Magic! His classes are excellent. They bring knowledge and he injects power and energy with his beautiful spirit.

Michelle from Cannes, France

Michael est un excellent professeur très pédagogue et les cours sont très variés et progressifs et s'adressent à tous les niveaux.